Hussain al Nowais Provides Tips for Traveling to Florida for Spring Training

hussain al nowais


Some say that spring starts on March 21. That’s what the calendar says afterall. However, Hussain al Nowais believes that spring starts before that when pitchers and catchers report for spring training. Since pitchers and catchers have reported and spring training is underway, this means spring is here. Spring training is one of Hussain al Nowais’s favorite times of year.

As a Phillies fan, he has a bit of a hike to make it to Clearwater to watch his beloved Phillies play, but he tries to make a stop up at least once every year. The Grapefruit League is the Florida league for spring training, and there are 15 teams that play in 13 cities. If you are a Miami Marlins fan, for example, you should make a stop in Jupiter, FL, which is also where the St. Louis Cardinals train and practice.

Tips for Traveling to Spring Training

Whether you live across the country or across the state, there are a few things Hussain al Nowais wants you to keep in mind if you decide to attend any of the spring training practices or games.

First, he would suggest that you boo k a hotel or Air B&B a few months before spring training starts as rooms do fill up fast. You may find a room if you wait, but you may have to pay more or have to get a place farther away than you would like.

Second, you should research when your favorite team plays, who they play, and what activities are available on the day you plan on visiting. You should always buy your tickets just in case as hundreds of thousands of people do come down for spring training.

And tickets are much less expensive than tickets for games in the regular season, so families are more likely to come down and enjoy MLB baseball at a reduced price. Hussain al Nowais says you should set up a itinerary, so you can take advantage of all the events and activities around the stadium and surrounding area.

Finally, Hussain al Nowais says you should bring your glove and a permanent ink marker as baseball players are much more accessible, and you may be able to go home with a signed collectible you’ll cherish.


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